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The Best Induction Hob Pans

Induction Hob

Our Top Pick of Induction Cookware

Read our guide to the best Induction Hob Pans on the market.

What is Induction Cooking?

Induction hobs heat the cookware directly, instead of using an electric or gas element. When an Induction Hob is switched on, a magnetic field underneath the surface is activated. Placing the pan on the Induction hob completes the circuit, so the base of the pan gets heated. This makes Induction cooking fast and efficient, as the heated element is taken out of the process.

Induction Hobs are very responsive to the heat level that is set and are also really easy to clean as the flat surface can be easily wiped.

As Induction cooking is becoming more energy efficient and cost effective, it is becoming more and more common.  Many Cookware brands now specialise in Induction Cookware, engineering their pans for especially for that purpose.

Here is our selection of favourite Induction Hob Pans, which contains something suitable for all styles of cooking and culinary needs.

Demeyere Apollo Range

Demeyere Cookware is the benchmark in Induction Pans. Made in Belgium, Demeyere adapts it’s cookware technology to suit different cooking methods. Their induction pans are high-performance, user-friendly and energy-saving.

Designed for a busy home kitchen, the Apollo cookware range from Demeyere is the perfect series for young families and discerning home cooks. The unique Silvinox® surface treatment makes the Stainless Steel easy to clean and also provides a higher resistance to fingerprints, harsh detergents or strong acidic foods. These products retain their silvery-white colour, even after years of use.

heart icon We love this because of the superb quality and the advantage of the Silvinox® finish.

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Demeyere Atlantis Range

Demeyere Atlantis Cookware provides exceptional performance and is beautifully designed. The Atlantis series is a must for serious professional chefs and ambitious home cooks.

heart icon We love this because of the heavy weight of the pans, which gives ideal contact on Induction Hobs.

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Le Pentole ICM Collection

The Le Pentole ICM collection is manufactured in Italy by Mori and was designed by Niki Sala in 1979.

The range boasts exceptional quality, and the design features contrasting finishes of brushed matt steel against mirror-polished steel.

heart icon We love this because of the comprehensive range of products available in the range, meaning you can really get the most out of your Induction Hob.

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Woll Induction Range

Developed especially for Woll, this new generation of Induction cookware gives even, extremely high-energy heat-flow, transferred directly onto the pan body without any heat congestion.

Most Woll pans boast a detachable handle, meaning your pan can be transferred from the hob straight into the oven, removing the handle during oven cooking.

heart icon We love this because of the fabulous Titanium Non-Stick coating and the unique removable handle.

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Scanpan Classic Induction Range

Scanpan’s Classic range is designed and produced in Denmark and offers outstanding cooking performance. Scanpan Cookware features a unique coating called Stratanium® that outlasts any other Non-Stick.

heart icon We love this because it is manufactured from Cast Aluminium, with Stratanium® Non-Stick coating which is 100% PFOA free.

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AGA Stainless Steel Cookware

Offering superior 18/10 stainless steel, AGA Stainless Steel Pans have a heavy Superthermic® encapsulated base, which cleverly moves towards the heat source when cooking, to provide outstanding energy efficiency and perfect contact with the hob.

heart icon We love this because AGA Stainless Steel products are as much at home on an AGA Hotplate as on an Induction Hob.

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Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooking works by using a sealed vessel, which causes the temperature inside to rise quickly.  This results in shorter cooking times, which preserves more heat-sensitive nutrients in the food. Kuhn Rikon has engineered its range of pressure cookers with a Superthermic® base, which ensures rapid and even heat absorption on all heat sources, including induction.

heart icon We love this because Pressure Cooking is quick, healthy and can now be done easily on Induction Hobs.

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Induction Hobs offer the best cooking technology on the market.  Having the best cookware to go with your Induction Hob is very important to ensure you get the most out of it.  You’ll save on both energy and time and thanks to the extensive range of Induction-ready cookware available, can enjoy a huge range of cooking techniques and cuisine.

Our team have years of experience in the Cookware industry and are always looking at the latest ranges and technologies on the market.  If you have any questions on what might be the best Induction Hob Pans for you, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through your options with you.

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