Pasta Making Equipment

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Showing all 9 results

We have a wide range of pasta making equipment from Marcato and We Love Pasta, including gadgets and accessories.  Ideal for making gnocchi, ravioli, pappardelle, tagliatelle and spaghetti.  We also have a pasta drying rack.

We have a large range of aluminium ravioli stamps.  In many shapes and sizes.  Including round, oval, heart and square.

The beechwood cutter rolling pins are a quick and easy way to make spaghetti, pappardelle and tagliatelle.  Simply roll out your pasta using a rolling pin then use one of the cutter rolling pins to make your chosen pasta.  Then simply dry on one of the stackable dryers or pasta racks.

The beechwood gnocchi paddle is ideal for making gnocchi like the Italians.  Just roll your dough over the paddle for a uniform ridge finish.  Delicious!

As well as the We Love Pasta Range, we have a Marcato pasta drying rack.  Tacapasta.  Ideal for drying your chosen homemade pasta.