Roasting Tins and Roasting Pans

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Showing all 2 results

We have a selection of high-quality AGA Roasting Tins and AGA Roasting Pans for every discerning cook.

Our range of Roasting Tins and Roasting Pans includes Enamelled Steel, Hard Anodised Aluminium and Stainless Steel pans.

The AGA Cast Aluminium Non-Stick Rectangular Double Roasting Pan offers great value for money as it is 2 products in 1. The lid and the base together, can be used to roast a joint of meat. The lid on its own serves as a grilling skillet. The flat base makes it perfect for use on the AGA hotplate and the cast handles make it a useful piece of cookware in the oven too.

The AGA Roasting Tins can be used for roasting, grilling (with the grill rack inside) or baking traybake cakes. Two half-size tins will fit one in front of the other in the AGA ovens.