Pressure Cookers

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Showing all 1 result

We have a collection of Kuhn Rikon Duromatic® Inox Pressure Cookers, with either side handles or a single long handle.

Designed and made in Switzerland, from high quality 18/10 stainless steel, these Pressure Cookers have a timeless elegance and are available in a range of sizes to suit all families.

With Pressure cooking, Vitamins are sealed in, instead of boiled away, meaning vegetables keep their bright colours and flavours are more intense, so less seasoning is needed.

Kuhn Rikon’s Superthermic® sandwich heat-conducting base ensures rapid and even heat absorption.  Suitable for use on all heat sources, including induction.

We also have a Le Pentole Stainless Steel Pressure Lid and replacement gasket for Pressure Lid.  These allow you to turn your Le Pentole Casserole Pan or Le Pentole Saucepan into a genuine pressure cooker. Designed to fit 20cm and 24cm sizes and boasting three safety features: Automatic Locking Valve, Dual Pressure Valve and Safety Valve.