Cookware Sets

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Showing all 1 result

We have a collection of quality Cookware Sets from brands such as AGA and Le Pentole.

Each of these range has specialist items including Steamer Sets and Spaghetti Sets.  We also have a range of Saucepan Sets and Casserole Pan Sets.

All of our Cookware Sets are of the highest quality.  Sourced from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and other countries, we strive to bring top quality products to your kitchen.

The majority of our cookware is suitable for use on all heat sources, including induction.  Many are suitable for oven use too.

Our range includes both 18/10 Stainless Steel Pans in a variety of Diameters and Capacities to suit your culinary needs.

We also have a range of lids, in both glass and stainless steel.  In a variety of sizes, these are ideal for when only a lid is required for a pot or pan.