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We have a range of quality clocks from the Italian designer homeware brand Alessi. We strive to bring top quality products to your home.

Our range of clocks are not only practical but stylish making them a unique wedding gift guaranteed to look amazing in any room.

Alessi Italian Designer homeware products are beautifully crafted by a range of talented designers.  Alberto Alessi believes that true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking.  This ethos is evident in their unique collections; each item is inspired and unique – Alessi is truly a “dream factory”! Choose Alessi for beautiful yet functional luxury homeware.

The Alessi Dotty Clock is designed by Abi Alice. The second hand is quite peculiar in that it stretches right across the diameter of the circle. The designer has chosen white (Super White) for the background of the clock, which contrasts with the red of the hour, minute and second hands. Vibrant colours are there to create combinations or juxtapositions with the colours of the walls. The minimalist design and colour choices make it suitable for use in different settings: in the kitchen or dining room, in the office or the living room.

If you have any questions about any of the items in our range of clocks please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re always happy to help with our experience and recommendations.