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Essential Baking Accessories

Essential Baking Accessories from Cookoo

All the baking essentials you need to create amazing bakes

Read our guide to the essential baking accessories – the kit that will help you to get the best start in your baking journey.

New to Baking?

Baking is a traditional past time that is now more popular than ever, due to TV personalities like Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, along with shows like BBC’s Great British Bake Off (GBBO).  The TV might make making bread, cakes and puddings look easy, but if you’re new to baking, where should you start?

1. Traybake Pan

Best served with a cup of Tea or Coffee, Traybakes are usually simple to make and a great way to start baking. Choose a loose base Traybake pan for easy release of your recipes.

This Silverwood Traybake Pan is made with heavy gauge anodised aluminium alloy, with welded corners and straight sides to make it robust for the most flavoursome recipes.

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2. Cake Tin Liners

It’s never fun to find out that your hard-mixed cake has stuck to the tin in the oven.  Lining the side of your cake tin with an Easybake Cake Tin Liner, and the bottom with an Easybake Siliconised Greaseproof Circle will make stuck bakes a thing of the past. Cut both to suit the size of your cake tin for the perfect fit.

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3. Pastry Cutters

Pastry cutters are the quick and easy way to cut out biscuits, small cakes and other treats. This set of 6 Stainless Steel Pastry Cutters from Silverwood is double-sided, one plain and the other fluted, providing a versatile and space-saving way of cutting both shapes. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, they come in 6 sizes to help you get the size of biscuit you desire.

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4. Mini Pudding Moulds

Mini pudding moulds are perfect for individual desserts and puddings.  From Sticky Toffee to single Christmas Puddings, these Mini Pudding Moulds from Silverwood come in a range of diameters and are manufactured from Anodised Aluminium, specially chosen for its properties of fast and even heat distribution.

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5. Multi Mini Cake Pan Set

Multi Mini Cakes Pan Sets are great for parties, weddings and special occasions or stall-sales. These pans allow you to batch-bake multiple individual cakes in one go. Our range of Silverwood Multi Mini Cake Pan Sets come in a range of shapes including square, circle, heart and hexagon.   They incorporating a clever two-piece body to allow baked cakes to be removed intact and with no fuss. Like the mini pudding moulds, they are manufactured from Anodised Alloy, specially chosen for its properties of fast and even heat distribution.

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6. Simple Simon Pie Mould Set

Once you’ve perfected your pie recipe, you want to make enough to share around, right? A Simple Simon Set allows you to bake six identical, individual pies at once, so you can give them out and show off your skills.  Pick a Simple Simon Pie Mould with removable walls which will allow the sides of the pies to be egg washed before returning to the oven for browning.

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7. Spherical Moulds

As your baking confidence grows, you will look to explore new recipes and ideas to impress your friends and family.  A Spherical Pudding Mould is a unique pan that creates a round sphere. Two halves of the spherical pan clamp together to form a perfect ball.  These are perfect for traditional Christmas Puddings, sponge puddings, summer pudding, novelty ball cakes and ice cream bombs.

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What’s Baking Next?

These are just a few essential baking accessories that we think any baking enthusiast should have.  There are so many great pieces of baking equipment to make your bakes perfect. You can browse our whole range of baking equipment and tools for some more great ideas.

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