Woll Professional-quality, Cast Aluminium Cookware

For Norbert Woll GmbH “Made in Germany” is a commitment to Germany and to the art of German engineering.

Since 1979, the company have produced professional-quality, cast aluminium cookware, for the most exacting demands. They combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology. Each item is handmade, in Germany, in a process far removed from anonymous mass production techniques.

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It’s no wonder that the Nowo range has become a classic, combining extraordinary quality and function, guaranteeing outstanding cooking results everytime. Performance. Perfection.
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WollNowo Induction Line

This new generation of induction bottoms gives even, extremely high-energy heat-flow, transferred directly onto the pan body without any heat congestion.
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WollFrying, Grill & Saute Pans

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WollCasserole Dishes & Stockpots

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Performance Cookware from Woll

The Woll range includes several key features to elevate its performance. Much of the range is 100% PFOA Free, Non-Stick and Dishwasher safe.

Hand Cast Aluminium Cookware

Manufactured from hand-cast aluminium, the pans which have excellent heat absorption and conductivity properties. Each pan has an 8mm thick base so they will not warp on the cooker, therefore an even heat distribution across the base of the pan is achieved.

Detachable Pan Handles

Much of the Woll range features a detachable handle allowing the pans to be used in the oven.

High Performance Nowo Induction Line Range

The Woll Nowo Induction Line range is specially designs for Induction hobs. Using a new production process, the induction bottom made of specialised steel, developed especially for Woll, has been applied over the whole surface of the pan.

This new generation of induction bottoms enables pots and pans to warm up extremely quickly. Even extremely high-energy heat-flows are transferred directly onto the pan body without any heat congestion. This efficient flow allows Woll induction products to absorb almost 100% of the energy produced by induction hobs and gives even heat distrubution. Professional cooking with Woll’s non-stick coated professional cast products for induction hobs is now safer and even more energy-saving.

Woll induction products have been designed to provide the best possible performance on induction hobs, but are suitable for all types of hobs.

Additional or Replacement Pan Lids

We have a selection of pan lids to offer to suit the Nowo and Nowo Induction ranges.  The lids are glass with a stainless steel rim.  The lid is fitted with a vented knob which can be open or closed.  Both round and square in all the sizes to match the frying pans, saute pans, grill pans and casseroles that we keep.