Practical Kitchen Gadgets

Westmark manufactures top-quality kitchen gadgets and household goods. Their well-designed pieces make cooking and baking easy and fun. Westmark’s kitchen tools gadgets assist you in preparing, cooking and serving tasty meals. The range includes tools for fruit and vegetable preparation, garnishing and decorating, grating and slicing, peeling and tongs.

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Westmark Kitchen Gadgets, Made in Germany

Westmark have been making top quality household goods and kitchen gadgets since the 1950s. Based in Sauerland, Germany, the 130 strong company produces much of it’s range at their Saureland factory site where the highly skilled and experienced plastic and metal production team, manufacture a wide range of high quality and reliable products every day.

Handy Gadgets for Easy Food Preparation

Our range of Westmark products will ease your food preparation, saving you precious time and energy. Take a look at our range of fruit and vegetable preparation aids, including the Westmark Fruit Press, ideal for lemons, oranges and grapefruits is made from coated aluminium; it has a strong efficient action; retains pips and has a pouring lip. The classic Westmark Vegetable Swivel Peeler comes with a curved blade for an extra wide and economical cut. It is extremely light but nevertheless extremely sturdy. Manufactured with a coated aluminium handle and stainless steel blade, it is a long lasting and essential kitchen gadget.

Grating and Slicing Gadgets

For grating and slicing gadgets, try the Westmark Carving Aid, perfect for slicing roast meats, sausage etc. This aluminium fast action gadget ensures equal slices with no injury risk, it also comes with a space saving locking spring. The Westmark Egg Slicer is suitable for round and oval slices.  It’s Ergonomic handle design provides an easy grip, making easy work of cooked or pickled eggs.