Peugeot Pepper Mills and Peugeot Salt Mills

Peugeot is one of the most iconic French brands. Peugeot mills appear on the greatest chefs’ tables; the history behind them is extraordinary. In the 19th century, Peugeot began manufacturing saw blades, coffee mills, steel cage crinolines, spice mills for the dining table, penny-farthing bicycles, and more. Creativity had always steered the brand to the very pinnacle of ingenuity and innovation. Wood is turned, varnished, or painted; mechanisms are stamped, carefully assembled with such an expert know how. Made in France.

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Iconic Mills by Peugeot

Within iconic collections exhibiting rare elegance, Peugeot Pepper Mills and Salt Mills fully embody their desire to conceive tableware at the crossroads between sophistication and expertise. An indisputable symbol for great chefs and the finest dining tables, Peugeot’s iconic pepper mill is available in exclusive collections to enhance the diversity and intensity of the aromas of pepper.

Paris U’Select Mechanism

The Paris range is now fitted with the ‘U Select’ mechanism, offering six pre-set levels of grind, to adjust the coarseness to suit your wishes. This system is perfectly simple: turn the u’Select ring towards position 1 for fine grind and towards position 6 for a coarser grind.

Beech Wood, turned in France

Produced in PEFC™ certified beech wood and turned in France, in the historic home of the Peugeot brand, the wooden mills withstand every test of time to bring the greatest of pleasure to lovers of cooking.

Transparent Acrylic

The Nancy and Vittel pieces have an Acrylic body that offers complete transparency and clearly shows the content they hold.

For Chefs and Cooking Enthusiasts

The undisputed benchmark for chefs and passionate cooking enthusiasts, these mills combine a classic shape emblematic of the Peugeot range, with innovative functionality.