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About Cookoo

The Turner family have been trading as C.E.Atkinson and The Cook Shop from retail premises in Lytham, on the Fylde Coast, for 48 years and are one of the largest independent retailers of top quality cookware in the north of England. Over these years they have built up a reputation with their trade suppliers which they consider to be second to none and enjoy a wonderful relationship with their devoted customers.

Over the years as people's perception of the roll of the kitchen has changed, due to the celebrities created by numerous television cooking programmes, a nice kitchen is now considered to be an essential part of any home, both socially and functionally.

The family has been visiting trade exhibitions in Europe for many years and it became obvious that, with the advent of the nice kitchen, there was now a wide range of top quality cookware and accessories available to the public, if only they knew about them.

Cookoo was formed to bring these top quality products to their notice and increase the enjoyment of cooking and entertaining in the home.

Welcome to the world of Cookoo!!

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